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Welcome at the Ultimate Food Guide to Disneyland Resort Paris.

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Planning to go to Disneyland Resort Paris? Want to know where to eat and what to eat? Look no further, you've come to the right place.
We do our best to give you insight in all the restaurants of Disneyland Paris, their menu's and prices.

We're getting ready for our trip
Well just two weeks to go and we'll pay DLP a visit ourselves. Long overdue. So be sure to check to site in a couple of weeks with the latest updates on the restaurants and menus.

Want to help to keep our menu's up to date? Make a photo of a menu and e-mail it to us!

Be sure to leave your trip report next time you've visited DLP (see the Trip Reports in the menu).

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Keeping all the menu's up to date is a time consuming task and although we try to visit DLP a couple of times a year, it would help us if you would help us.
So if you've got any pictures of menu's please consider e-mailing them to us, so we can keep the information on the site up to date. Please also include the date when the picture was taken. If you'd like you name underneath the menu, just tell us and we'll be happy to include it.

This site is divided into several sections.
Choose the area from which you want to see the restaurants, 'Disneyland Park', 'Walt Disney Studios', 'Disney Village' and 'Resorts'. If you would rather find your restaurant in a different way, try looking under 'Service','Food Style' or 'Special Events'.
On each of these pages you'll find the names of the different restaurants. Just click on one to go to the restaurant's main page.
On the restaurant's main page you'll find a short description of the restaurant and some basic info on what they offer. Click on any of the pictures to view them full size. The tabs on top provide you with some extra info and give you acces to the menu's and the reviews. Clicking on the Menu tab opens the menu of the restaurant. There you'll find different tabs for Breakfast, Lunch, Diner, Specials and sometimes Drinks. Clicking on the Review tab opens the review window of the restaurant. Here you'll be able to read what others think about the restaurant and you'll be able to leave your own comments.

Be sure to check your favourite restaurant before getting ready to go eating. Disneyland Resort Paris restaurants aren't always open. During low and mid season most of the restaurants in the two parks are closed at some time. In the high season most of the restaurants are open. And even if the restaurant is open, check it's hours. Sometimes a restaurant stays open until the park closes, sometimes it closes early. Sometimes restaurants are closed for just the day without any notice.
We try to give you an indication of the opening hours, but Disney keeps changing them so be aware.

If you've got an Annual Pass (Dream Pass only - link in French) or are a member of the Shareholders Club then you're entitled to discounts when dining at the Disneyland Resort Paris restaurants. Click here for more.

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