Walt's - An American Restaurant


Starters - fixed price

E 9,00

Tomato tartar with basil and mozzarella and grilled bread rubbed with tomato vegetarian


Caesar salad with grilled chicken


Boston Harbour clam chowder


Sainte-Maure goat's milk cheese grated onto a bed of eggplant caviar vegetarian


Shrimp with tapioca-like pearls of Japan and sea foam


Starter of the moment



Main Dishes - fixed price

E 19,00

Wheat risotto with scallops and sepia and a smoked duck cream sauce


Walt's gourmet burger, coleslaw and twister potatoes


Chicken supreme with a sage juice, mixed vegetables and roast potatoes


Fettuccini primavera with basil and shaved Parmesan vegetarian


Cod with a light cream turmeric sauce


Grilled beef sirloin, béarnaise sauce, mixed vegetables and roast potatoes


Grilled beef fillet, béarnaise sauce, mixed vegetables and roast potatoes
+ 7,00
Main course of the moment  


Desserts - fixed price

E 7,00

Orange craquelin with strawberries and white chocolate


Apple crumble with apricot sorbet


Sorbet cup, pistachio-flavoured meringue and raspberry coulis


Gourmet chocolate dessert


Oscar ice cream sundae and amaretto biscuits


Caramel pear piano concerto


Dessert of the moment  



Fixed price menus  
Starter and Main course
Starter, Main course and dessert

Children menu (3-11 yrs)


Choose one menu:


Bambi vegetarian  

Mushroom shaped boiled egg with tomatoes and lettuce


Cheese ravioli and cream of tomato sauce


Fruit salad


spaceGreen salad  
spaceKid's burger with sautéed potatoes and vegetables  
spaceCaramel cream  
spaceCreamy risotto  

Belle and the Beast


Raw vegetables and cheese


Grilled chicken, spaghetti and sautéed vegetables


Stewed apple purée with vanilla and cake




Orange juice (25cl) or mineral water (25cl) or milk (25cl)


Soft drinks, French fries and ice cream on request  
Children's menu (12-16 yrs)
Choose one main dish:  
spaceFish and chips with tartar sauce  
spaceFettuccini with tomato sauce and grilled chicken  
Choose one dessert:  
spaceApple crumble with apricot sorbet  
spaceSorbet cup, pistachio-flavoured meringue and raspberry coulis  
spaceSoft drink (33cl) or mineral water (50cl)  

May 13, 2007