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Kosher food - Special Dietary Needs

New dietary needs brochure (PDF - 2007)

It's possible to pre-order Kosher food at any Disney hotel or restaurant. You'll have to order your breakfast or hot meal 24 hours in advance at your reception, room service or the restaurant of you choice.



Breakfast (from frozen)


Hot meal (from frozen)


If you have any special food allergies or intolerances, Disney can cater a limited menu for you in most restaurants throughout the park and hotels. These meals are the only ones Disney guarantees are suitable for people with food allergies (see picture).
There are two meals available which exclude 60 allergens. They contain a starter, a main course and a dessert.
They do not have any special breakfast so be sure to take your own.
The meals can be ordered without prior notice, but if you plan to eat at a table service restaurant, reservations are recommended (as always).

You can also call Disney reservations (+33 1 60 30 40 50) to make arangments or directly at your arrival in your hotel.
Disney has also published a brochure that lists the basic information about special dietary needs and Disneyland Paris. You can download it here: English brochure & Spanish brochure.

Meal availability

E 15,00

Disneyland Park

Blue Lagoon

Silver Spur


Plaza Gardens

Colonel Hathi's

Hakuna Matata

Fuente del Oro

Last Chance

Casey's Corner

Chalet de Marionette

Café Hyperion


Walt Disney Studio's
Rendex-vous des Stars En Coulisse
Backlot Express  
Disney Village
Billy Bob's Buffalo Bill's