Rainforest Cafe

International style menu

Table service

Three star restaurant

Average entree price

You can't miss the Rainforest Cafe. The building is surrounded by water filled with exotic animals, the facade is made from rough stone. Inside you first enter the Shop, with loads of nature related gifts, gadgets and clothes. Walk up to the counter and wait to be stead in the jungle.
You enter the restaurant walking under an aquarium arch with tropical fish. The seating area is divided in roughly three section, each with it's own set of animals. A couple of times an hour, the lights dim and thunder peals through the air and several of the animals start moving and making noise.
The food that's offered has something for every one. Burger, salads, pasta's, meat and fish. And not to forget a good selection of dessert.
Drawback: Can get crowded.




Disney Village

Dining hours

from 11am to 11pm

Closed days


Eat with Characters?


Wine List?


Suitable for kids?


Vegetarian dishes?



No - Not possible

Last checked on

May 13, 2007